Chief Secretary,Government of Sindh, Sindh Secretariat,Karachi Subject: Complaint on the Allegation of Violation of SPPRA Rules 2010 in Tender for Rehabilitation and Renovation of Karachi Fish Harbor External Services Part- I Package-B (Electrical Works) ADP # 1678 Of 2022- 23, Estimated Cost of Rs. 700 Million Dated Aug 2022 (Download)

Mr. Mumtaz Ali Shah, Chief Secretary Government of Sindh Sindh Secretariat Karachi Sub: Compliant on the Allegation of Reelaimina Malir River bed by Massive Dumping of Garbage and Solid Waste on the Alignment of Malir Expressway (Download)

Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah. Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh, Sindh Secretariat. Karachi Sub: Allegation of Violation of SPPRA Rules 2010, in Karachi Safe City Proiect (10,000 Camera etc.) on unsolicited award process to M/s NRTC, and inflated cost by Five Times, at Rs 38 Billion causing Loss to exchequer of Rs 23 Billion. (Download)

Syed Mumtaz Shah, Chief Secretary Sindh, Government of Sindh, Karachi., 22/april /2019 , Sub: Tender for Procurement of School Furniture for Public Sector Schools. (Download here)