Women and Access to Justice

Corruption takes many forms. However, it affects people differently based on gender,socio-economic status, background, position of power and influence. In a country like Pakistan,where abject poverty, misogyny, lack of access to essential services, is a description of the dailylife of women in the rural areas, this means that due to their socio-economic background,women are often disproportionately affected by the corruption.

In fact, this gendered impact of corruption is far more glaring in cases where women have tostrive to claim their due entitlements and rights. For instance, Article 23 of the Constitution ofthe Islamic Republic of Pakistan guarantees the right to own property for every man and womanin the country. However, many women due to lack of legal awareness and the financial capacityto pay ‘bribe’ have to fight for their due right to ‘inherit’. According to the Demographic andHealth Survey of Pakistan 2017-18, “97 per cent of women did not inherit land or a house, while1pc each inherited agricultural land and a house. Less than 1pc of women inherited nonagricultural plots or residential plots”

Participants during a seminar on Gender and Corruption: Women Empower for the Fight Against Corruption

One such ordeal is of Bibi Sajida. In 2016, when Bibi Sajida’s father (Mian Ahmed) passed away,he left behind two wives, 6 sons and two daughters.Women Empower for the Fight Against CorruptionAfter Mian Ahmed died, his four sons from the first wife surreptitiously applied for the legalinheritance of their father’s property and bank accounts under the Pakistan Succession Act, 1925from the local court, claiming to be the only legal heirs of Mian Ahmed. Based on the successioncertificate, the four brothers obtained custody of the bank account of Mian Ahmed. The bankaccount had a deposit of Rs. 1500,000 . . …..(Read Full Story )

PKR 1.13 Billion Outstanding Royalty Recovered from Two Companies on TI Pakistan Intervention

Governments across the world need resources, material, equipment, and services to execute public projects. The execution of the projects, procurement and services permits require that the entire activity be carried out in transparent, economical, and efficient manner, to result in the best value for the country, government and its citizens

On 16th December 2022, TI Pakistan came across a complaint of official collusion with the private companies causing loss of PKR 1.13 Billion to the national exchequer. It was pointed out that to undertake petroleum exploration activities, exploration licenses were granted to M/s SPUD Energy over Guddu and Bolan blocks, and to M/s Frontier Holding Companies over Badin IV South Block. These licenses were given under the provision of Pakistan Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Rules, 1986.

On account of commercial discovery in these blocks, the President of Pakistan granted a development and production leases to the holders of license to undertake development activities and produce petroleum. M/s Sui Southern Company (SSGCL) is the nominated buyer of the natural gas and crude oil/condensate from Bolan Block and Badin IV South Block, while M/s Engro Fertilizers is the nominated buyer of the natural gas from Guddu Block.

responded to TI Pakistan and stated “that the provincial share of royalty is directly transferred to the relevant province where well-head is located… and the federal government has nothing to say or advise in this regard’. The DG (PC) response was axiomatically contrary to the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Rules of Business 1973 and Pakistan Petroleum (E&P) Rules 2001. ….(Read Full Story)