11 April 2005
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I. Introduction
1.1. Transparency International Pakistan (hereinafter “TI-Pakistan”) is an independent, nongovernment, non-partisan and non-profit organization with a vision of Pakistan in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of the people shall be free from corruption.

1.2. In the context of the international movement against corruption, TI-Pakistan is the national chapter in Pakistan of the Berlin -based Transparency International (TI), and accordingly, TI-Pakistan partners and cooperates with TI and its chapters worldwide.

1.3. TI-Pakistan is committed to values of democracy, justice, rule of law, transparency, accountability, integrity and impartiality.

1.4. TI-Pakistan’s mission is to catalyze and strengthen a participatory social movement to promote and develop institutions, laws and practices for combating corruption in Pakistan and establishing an efficient and transparent system of governance, politics and business.

1.4. This Code of Ethics is based on the above vision, values and mission of TI-Pakistan It provides the framework of guiding principles and practices aimed at ensuring highest standards of integrity and transparency in the work of TI-Pakistan. The Manual is a living document. Its practical value and importance lies in the ability and commitment of everyone involved with TI-Pakistan – members of the Board of Trustees, staff members, Committees of Concerned Citizens, Volunteers – in applying these codes in their work.

II. Guiding Principles

i. We commit ourselves to working individually and collectively with all stakeholders to catalyze and strengthen a social movement for a Pakistan in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of the people would be free of corruption;

ii. We hate and condemn corruption and bribery, and undertake to refrain from the same. We also commit to fight corruption vigorously and courageously wherever it has been reliably identified. We do so without any fear or fa vour.

iii. We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other in TI-Pakistan and beyond. We endeavor to our fullest capacity to perform our duties and fulfill our commitments honestly, faithfully and efficiently.

iv. We are committed to be politically non-partisan, and fully independent in our judgment and approach.

v. We have highest regards and commitment to core values of democracy, pluralism, fundamental human rights, justice, and rule of law. We firmly believe that corruption and bribery erode these values – weaken democracy and democratic institutions; deprive citizens of basic human rights; breed injustice; undermine rule of law; increases poverty and social conflict. Corruption and bribery also undermine economic development; distorts market and fair competition, increases exploitation; prevents good governance, accountability and transparency; and creates social and political instability and insecurity. It is our moral as well as professional commitment and responsibility to fight corruption.

vi. Our struggle is against corruption and its power-base and network. We do not take priori position for or against any particular institution private or public – be that government or any department thereof. We want to, and we will help and strengthen government and other efforts to establish a corruption free society. Our goal is to expand the anti-corruption constituency in Pakistan and to serve the interest of everyone who wants to see a corruption- free Pakistan.

vii. We strive to take positions that are based on sound, objective, dispassionate and fully professional analysis and high and sound standards of research.

viii. We commit to providing accurate and timely reports of our activities to our stakeholders, provide freest possible public access to whatever information we have through our reports, publications and other forms of communication including our website.

ix. In our personnel and recruitment policies we will strive for balanced and diverse representation of everyone and every sections of the society irrespective of age, gender, faith and identity.

x. We will accept only such funding that does not in any manner compromise our ability to address issues freely, independently, thoroughly and objectively free from any form of interference or influence.

III National Chapter of Transparency International

i. As the national chapter in Pakistan of the Berlin-based Transparency International (TI) we are committed to work in collaboration with TI- Secretariat and other national chapters in fulfilling our shared vision of a world where governments, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of the peoples are free of corruption.

ii. We will actively participate in all relevant initiatives taken by TI-Secretariat and other chapters as and when appropriate and possible, and extend all possible cooperation to each other in the interest of the worldwide movement against corruption.

iii. We will keep TI-Secretariat and our chapter colleagues informed of our work, and endeavor to respond to all requests from TI-Secretariat and other national chapters fairly, fully and expeditiously.

IV. Staff Relations

i. We will treat each other with respect, recognition and consideration, with special emphasis on gender equality and equality of each other irrespective of faith, identity, status, professional category and any other criteria.

ii. We will communicate and consult with each other openly, honestly and collegially and in a manner that assists each of us to fulfill our duties and responsibilities faithfully, efficiently and with commitment.

iii. We will respect the privacy and private lives of our colleagues when dealing with personal information.

iv. We are committed to ensure fullest possible participation of all staff members irrespective of status and position in planning and implementation of our work.

v. We undertake to ensure adequate consultation with any staff member before making any decision that may impact upon that staff member.

V. Member Relations

i. We are committed to consider members of TI-Pakistan as a key source of strength and support of TI-Pakistan. We will do everything possible to facilitate suitable participation of members in TI-Pakistan work. It is our commitment to create conditions in which members will develop stronger sense of ownership of TI-Pakistan and its programs.

ii. We will keep TI-Pakistan members informed of our work, and endeavor to respond to all requests and questions from them fairly, fully and expeditiously.

VI. Conflict of Interest

i. In our work conflict may arise between our personal and/or group interests and the interests of TI-Pakistan. We will disclose and discuss such conflict and resolve in a transparent manner, in the interest of TI-Pakistan and the cause of anti-corruption movement.

ii. We are committed to fair, objective and impartial recruitment, hiring and procurement policies. All appointments will be made on merit basis and only after due consideration of all applications received following internal and external announcements. All promotions, salary increments and other benefits of the members of the staff will be based on evaluation of performance on the basis of transparent and pre- informed criteria.

iii. We resolve that family members, and friends and organizations with which we or our families or friends are associated, will not be accorded preferential treatment in recruitment hiring and procurement.

iv. We will not hire or contract with members of our immediate family, i.e., a spouse, parent, child, in- laws or sibling without specific authorization through an unanimous decision of the Board.

VII. Gifts and Entertainment

i. We will avoid giving or accepting gifts, favours and gratitudes in connection with official duties.

ii. We will not accept directly or indirectly any discount, gift, entertainment, or favours that may influence or perceived to influence the exercise of our function or the performance of our duties or our judgment.

iii. All gifts will be reported to the supervising officer and recorded on a document that is available to all TI-Pakistan staff.

VIII. Extra -TI-Pakistan Activities

i. We will not engage in any activity or transaction or acquire any position or function, whether paid or unpaid, that is incompatible with or detracts from the proper performance of our duties, and that may bring TI-Pakistan as a whole into disrepute.

ii. We will so arrange our private affairs as not to engage in any activity that might impair the credibility of TI-Pakistan by giving the impression that TI-Pakistan is fostering individuals, public or private institutions whose behaviour is perceived as not being in accordance with TI-Pakistan’s values.

iii. We will not use TI-Pakistan’s business relationships to solicit or obtain favours or improper benefits in private life.

iv. We will not allow our political beliefs, affiliations and/or activities to unduly influence or interfere with the political neutrality that is the hallmark of TI-Pakistan.

v. We will not allow our actions and decisions in the course of our work to be improperly influenced by the prospect of future employment with others or any other future material interest.

IX. Confidentiality and Transparency

i. We will treat information obtained in the service of TI with confidentiality, when its nature calls for it or when this is explicitly requested, and will not use any such information or materials to further a private interest. We undertake to remain faithful to its commitment after our separation from TI- PAK and be as open as possible about all decisions and actions we take, taking into account the above mentioned needs for confidentiality

X. Financial Independence and Transparency

i. We will not accept funds that might impair the independence of TI-Pakistan to pursue its goals. We will accept funds only from donors who share our anti-corruption values and goals. We will seek to diversify sources of our funding and to develop capacities for self-reliance.

ii. We will not accept resources granted under condition or structured such that TI-Pakistan refrains from independent action; pursues activities inconsistent with its mission, or refrains from pursuing activities consistent with its mission.

iii. We will provide and publish audited financial statements in easily accessible form.

iv. We will publish annually our sources of funds and account accurately and promptly to all donors in accordance with the terms of their grants.

XI. Implementation and Amendment

i. This Code of Ethics shall be effective from 11 April 2005 and made available to all concerned with TI-Pakistan – all Board members, all members of the staff, all members and volunteers. It should be available for everyone in printed form as well as on TI-Pakistan Website.

ii. The Board and management will actively encourage regular internal dialogues on ethic, provide guidance for staff and ensure that internal systems, policies and procedures are consistent with this Code.

iii. The Code of Ethics will be annexed to all contracts of appointment and signed along with it.

iv. There will be periodic, at least an annual, review of compliance with the Code and evaluation of its impact on the culture of integrity in TI-Pakistan. Review can also take place at the request of any Board member, staff member or any other stakeholder. The review will be conducted by Ethics Subcommittee of the Board and/or by Ethics Committee of the staff. Besides evaluation and suitable corrective measures that may range from training, consultations and advice through disciplinary action, the reviews will recommend amendments to the Code which shall be discussed with all stakeholders, and must be approved by the Board of Trustees of TI-Pakistan.